Wednesday, December 22, 2010

fix Nvidia problem.

most common problem with all laptops which are having BGA NVIDIA graphics chip,
given below

1) bad display/black

2) running vertical/horizontal lines of whole lcd display

3) restarting/hanging

5) no display(blank)

6) external monitor projector display okay but laptop lcd not showing display

7) laptop lcd showing display but no external output.

Let see how to fix nvidia problem in HP DV2000 laptop...

(laptop display was coming like this before my chip level operation.)

the very first think about my this post on RE-FLOW BGA CHIP is, you don't need a costly BGA REWORK STATION MACHINE to fix the problem all time .
that can be possible to fix without special machine
just you need a simple smd hot air gun(smd rework station) or a heat blower.

so....let see how you can re-flow the BGA chip without having a special

first open laptop carefully and take it'a motherboard on your working desk,
and start flow my steps

normally warm-up motherboard slowly

Start focusing heat blower on NVIDiA BGA chip

you can choose a good quality liquid flux as per your requirement

Reinstall CPU and heat-sink

Now your laptop motherboard ready to working again.
so check it out.....

that all step i flowed to fix a hp DV 2000 nvidia BGA problem, without using a costly BGA rework station :))

have a gooood luck!!! frds

Friday, December 10, 2010

Entering Bloging

I am not pro , but i know decent about computer chip level repairing. As, I survive in this industry, every day i repair many computer and laptops at my workplace.

Some time i face some problem which are not common/easy ones , when i repaired some problems like these I want like to remember the fix , for next time but i can't remember them all. I feel blogging is a good way to brush up my memory and to learn from another masters out there reading and commenting .

Basically i blog for laptop repairing solutions .
I will try to present all laptop repairing solution in easy way.