Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to fix Dell BIOS 8 beep error.

In this post I'll  fix a Dell n5110 laptop that beeps on start-up but nothing comes on laptop display screen. This post will also help you to fix the same problem other Dell laptops.

The beeps that come on start up that is a POST error generated by the BIOS.
I download this table form the Dell support site in this table dell defined the cause for problem as the number of beep codes.


POST Beep Codes
Beep CodesErrorProbable Causes
1Memory refresh failure.Defective system board.
2Error occurred in first 64 KB of main memory.Faulty DIMM or defective system board.
3Read or write error occurred in first 64 KB of main memory.Faulty DIMM.
4Timer on system board malfunctioned.Defective system board.
5Microprocessor error.Defective microprocesor.
6Gate A20 failure.Defective system board.
7Microprocessor-execption interrupt error.Defective microprocessor.
8Video memory read/write error.Missing or faulty video adapter.
9ROM checksum value does not match value encoded in system BIOS.Corrupted system BIOS program or defective system BIOS chip.
10NVRAM shutdown register read/write error.Defective system board.
11Cache memory error.Defective microprocessor or cache card.
1-2Video adapter failure.Faulty video adapter.
1-3No monitor connected.Loose video cable connection or defective video cable.
Faulty video adapter.

In this table Dell says that the meaning of 8 beeps on star up cause to ''Missing or faulty video adapter'' but practically I always found something different that dell says!
In the first video you can see the as I turn on the Dell Inspiron n5110 laptop it's star beeps, 8 beeps but nothing appear on display screen.

In the second video i connect an CRT monitor for external display and in this monitor display comes okay.

Remove the laptop top cover assembly you will get an access to the laptop display connector  and unplug the display connector and re-install  it again. In the last video you can see it's work for me the  display coming on the laptop screen and no any beep error appear.

Now I write something for those who are facing the problem but didn't got success to fix this fault.
Because not only this display cable loses connection is responsible to that malfunctioning of laptop. There  is some other things malfunctioning can be responsible to the same error.

  • LED/LCD (due faulty or broken screen).
  • Display cable/Video cable (due to broken or shorted cable).
  • system board (broken display header or jack, faulty graphic card/chip or video ram).

        If the external monitor works fine with the faulty laptop then practically 95% problem should be happens due to LED/LCD screen or faulty video cable. rest 5% case can be happens due to motherboard and video card problem.
        But the external monitor also not shows any display then definitely it's a system boaerd problem and it's mostly happens due to graphic chip malfunctioning, need to replace, re-ball or reflow the chip using the BGA rework station.

        Thanks and have a good luck